Economics Portfolio Guidelines


Your task is to create a minimum of 5 (five) sample commentaries that you will be able to use in the IA portfolio.

Remember.. this will be 20% of the  Economics HL and SL grade!!!!

The instructions are as follows:

1. To begin  create a new page on your Blog titled Economics Commentary No.1 (go to Pages>Add New).

2. Your task is to write five commentaries on separate past articles and on separate Pages that each total 550-650 words using the criteria from the syllabus.  Diagrams are required for all the commentaries.

3. To begin,  select a news article that is NOT from past Blogged articles: no older than six months from the date of selection that covers one of the sections in the syllabus. Eg Market failure, Macroeconomics etc. Get my approval on the article choice and embed the article in the page. Your comments should NOT be in the comment sections otherwise graphs can not be posted, but posted immediately after the article.

4. Before proceeding further, refer to pages 88 – 92 of the Syllabus for further instructions on requirements. The syllabus is in your workspace Economics page.

5. Thereafter, refer to pages 93 -95 for an understanding of the Internal Assessment Criteria. Samples of IA commentaries are also in your Economics workspace page

6. We will be devoting class time for this exercise.


20% will be deducted for late completions.



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