Blogging Guidelines Business/Economics

These are the guidelines for Weekly blogging entries

You will be assessed on the basis of the below criteria. The goal is to achieve real-world applications of economic and/or business concepts learned in class through news analyses.

(Remember that your weekly blog must be entered by the blogging deadline for review on Monday or Tuesday morning.)

News Blog writing guidelines

1. From the news article chosen determine what syllabus topic is applicable,(e.g for Economics: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics; and for Business: External Environment Marketing, Operations and Management etc.). State the topic covered  in the first sentence of your comment.

2. Insert the article in the post so that a new page does not have to be opened. Comment in the “comment section” by providing an analysis of the news abstract using economic or business terminology.  You should also insert a link to the actual article. The article should be of INTEREST or SIGNIFICANCE.

3. Provide analysis of the abstract by applying theories, tools or concepts that can be related to the abstract. The length should be 40-50 words only! At least 2-3 economic or business terminologies should be used in the analysis and reference made to one applicable theory or concept. For economics posting an applicable diagram is required.

4. You must comment on someone elses blog entries by accessing their bloglink in  You must make the comments on Sunday of each week meeting the same conditions above. Late responses receive a zero. You should not comment on the same person more than two times!! The name of the person you chose must be written at the bottom of your weekly news blog e.g “See Jane Doe for Comments”  e.g Consider other classes for this exercise.

5. Have fun! Insert pictures  mpegs clips and other media. Invite your peers, friends, and parents to respond on your comments on the article. Try and build a wider audience.


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Grading Rubric

Weekly Blogging  Assignment Rubric





Response to Article

5 The response or comment has been effectively applied to the Article meeting all conditions. There is no superfluous material or repetition. An additional response comment has been made meeting the conditions.
4 The response(s) has/have been applied to the article but there are minor omissions (no more than 2) in the requirements. A response comment has been made.
3 The response(s) has been fairly applied to the article, but there are significant omissions. A response comment has been made.
2 The response(s) has not been answered effectively. The response is vague. No response comment is made and the article is not of INTEREST or SIGNIFICANCE.
1 The response has no relevance to the question(s).